Our Story

Here at Maltese Texas, we pride ourselves on providing quality service and dedication to families seeking new best friends in wonderful pets. We offer Maltese puppies and dogs that are purebred and registered with America’s Pet Registry.

We have been offering Maltese puppies for 3 years now to families here of the area. Before we offered Maltese dogs, we had bred Siberian Huskies for 10 years and worked together as a family to raise them in a caring environment, and now, we are committed to the same goal of providing loving, cared for pets for you and yours.

We take responsibility as breeders in our care of these little dogs that have wandered into our lives. Trust us when we say these small dogs make big impacts and have a huge place in our small home.

As breeders, we know how important it is that you are prepared for this new family member in your life and have a page dedicated to tips to help now and for the years to come, from bringing a pet into a new environment to healthy feeding habits. There’s much to learn and we at Maltese Texas would like to help each step of the way. 

When you purchase from us at Maltese Texas, you should know that your puppy has been raised in a loving home, in which each member of our family works to ensure each puppy receives attention and love. We are located on the outskirts of San Antonio, with access to everything we need for our puppies and the country for them to roam around in.

From the moment the puppies are born, they are surrounded by care, especially in those first crucial weeks in which they’re bonding with their parents and us. The puppies stay with their parents for a minimum of 9 weeks so that the puppies may develop good habits and proper behavior for their lives.

The puppies are house trained and fed a well balanced diet, as well as fully vaccinated with their puppy shots once they arrive to you. They also receive dewormer for the weeks they are in our care. 

When you decide on a puppy and make a purchase, we provide you with the puppy food that we use, registration paperwork, and a contract explaining what each party should expect from the other. It will contain details of the heart health guarantee that our puppies all have and the individualized payment plan set up with deposits.

We also provide a toy for the young puppy or dog in order for you to bond with your new pet and let them release some energy in their new home.

We also encourage new pet owners to use NuVet vitamins for their growing dogs, so before the puppy comes to your home, we can send information for where to find these vitamins.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, as we love to talk about our family of Maltese. Thank you for visiting our website!